Winnie Kelly and Associates

Winnie Kelly Associates
represents artists who specialize in calligraphy, book design and titles, illustration, consumer packaging, and logo design. Winnie’s background in book and music publicity, special events, and fund raising provides an excellent foundation for promoting artists and their work with sensitivity and style.

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or phone 301-962-9050.

Winnie Kelly Associates
Judythe Sieck
 Judythe Sieck -  Stellaluna Judythe Sieck - The Sandwich Swap Judythe Sieck - Puff the Magic Dragon Judythe Sieck - Nutcracker

James Nocito
James Nocito - Illustration James Nocito - Illustration James Nocito - Illustration James Nocito - Sing to Your Baby
Fiona G. King
Fiona G. King - BluebirdFiona G. King - AngusFiona G. King - WaveFiona King - Tree